Q. What is the best time for practice?

The best time for practice is in the early morning preferably during sunrise and  sunset. Practice regularly at the same time.

Q. What is the right place for yoga practice?

Practice in a quiet, clean, and pleasant room which is well ventilated. Practice regularly at the same place each day by spreading the firm carpet or yoga mat on the ground.

Q. How should we breathe during yoga asana practice?

Breathing should be through the nose only, never hold your breath, and breathe normally all the time.

Q. What should be my clothing to practice yoga?

Wear loose, non constricting clothing made of natural fibres during the practice.

Q. Is there any rules and regulation on Food, bathing and bowel movement before starting yoga practice?

  • Cleanliness: Before starting practice, the bladder should be emptied and try to clear the bowels.
  • Bath: Take a bath before commencing the practice. Do not take bath for at least half an hour after the practice.
  • Food: To get best result practice should be done in empty stomach. One should not do  yoga practice immediately after having the food and should ideally give at least 3 hrs gap after meal for the practice.

Q. Who can practice Ashtanga Yoga?

It can be practised by all at any age but it is bit difficult for lazy people.

Q. When can I start my practice session?

You can join the yoga centre any day of the month except on Tuesdays and Moon days.